Tuesday, 3 April 2012

well, it's April now

i.e. the start of the sewing adventure

after deciding that sewing isn't really something that one learns by reading, I just needed to get started. The plan is to make a duvet cover for my little girl's bed (it is an odd size that is not readily available and would need to be ordered from the UK) and perhaps a little pillow to go with it.

the plan is to use an older flannel bed sheet

add some butterflies to liven it up a little

and make sure it is cut to the right size. Congratulate yourself for being really clever and folding the large sheet once (obviously realising afterwards you could have just folded it one more time, but nevermind ;-)

The next step is to sew the butterflies onto the sheet and then sew it all together. That is actually easier said then done as I am struggling finding the time to actually do sewing instead of just looking at other people's blogs and see the wonderful things they put together :-)

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