Sunday, 8 April 2012

Me Made May (with a twist)

May is coming up and with it comes the Me Made May challenge. I'd obviously never have enough things to wear something I made for every day in the month of May (in fact I just realised that I have not done ANYTHING for myself ever), but I have decided to actually make something for me.

The plan is for skirts. I have several patterns and various fabrics. With autumn coming in, it might be worth trying some of the heavier fabrics as well (she says just as she had placed an order for more sewing needles that deal with lightweight fabrics).

From the Butterick Sale I have B4461 - 6 fast and easy A-line Skirts

and B5466 - 6 sew easy semi fitted straight skirt

there is also this Simplicity pattern where I quite like view B

Fabrics to come next :-)

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  1. These patterns are great choices! I've sewn the Simplicity one multiple times (variations of views c and d) and it goes together quite well. The fabrics youve chosen should look great as well!

    Happy sewing!


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