Monday, 13 January 2014

UFO #6 the butterfly skirt

I decided to skip ahead a few UFOs and do the skirt that I actually needed. It's a plain A-line skirt with pockets from the Burda Magazine 02/2010. It's brilliant, no really, it's exactly what I needed. It fits great, it's simple and can be done in a variety of fabrics. I chose a Japanese cotton with a very interesting texture, one of the first pieces of fabric that I ever bought, even before I started sewing.

The texture is more visible on the back of the fabric.

I traced and muslined (is this even a word???) this skirt in a size 40 in October 2012 and then packed it in a little plastic baggy and there it stayed and stayed ... and stayed. When I got it out now it was a bit large, so made a 38 instead, but I could have perhaps gone down to a 36. It is still a little baggy around the hips - wow, being pear-shaped I never had to say that before - but it's a summer skirt, so it should probably be a little loose actually :-)

It's one of those patterns where I want to make at least another 5 right away ... hmm, maybe one with spots, and one plain one, and maybe a flowery summery one, and and and ... the possibilities are endless.

I think I might have my sewing mojo back :-)

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

the 'I am bored with UFOs' Scarf

this past week the temperatures in Brisbane climbed to 42 degrees Celsius (107 F), so what better way to commemorate this all time high, but with a scarf :-)

For Christmas, I got a seven remnants of all different fabrics that I had never tried before from The Fabric Store, a store that is a little out of my price range normally, but I got a discount voucher and it was for Christmas ... so yeay. Amongst the loot was a piece of linen gauze in cornflower blue (this picture was taken indoors in the evening and it does not do it justice).

It's very loosely woven so I did a rolled hem on either side before washing it and just look what it looks like after washing it ... all crinkly and nice. It has some residual stiffness from the linen, so it'll be interesting to see how it behaves through the washes.

This is my absolute favourite colour and if I can think of a way to make a dress from this fabric I will. It's probably nice for cardigans and cover-ups for the beach, not Australia of course, the sun is far too strong here, but not really sure a dress would work.

I had to wait till yesterday when the temperatures dropped a little to take the pictures, but once winter comes it'll be a wonderful addition to my wardrobe.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2013 - a year in review - what next?

One of my plans for 2013 was to blog more ... that was clearly an abysmal failure ... well, perhaps 2014 will be better. I am really good at making plans, but it's the follow-through that lets me down. I am a little like a magpie and get distracted by shiny things ... sigh ... anyway, more self-flagellation to come later, lets first focus on the good things.

Items sewn ... more then I thought actually ...

Son:                                   3 pairs of shorts, 1 pair of sleep shorts

Daughter:                           4 skirts, 3 dresses

Myself:                               4 dresses, 2 skirts, 2 tops, 1 nightie, 1 scarf

Husband:                            2 boxer shorts

House:                                1 pillow, bunting

Knitted / Crocheted:            1 pot holder, 1 scarf, 1 cardi, 2 cowls, 1 tunic

All together, not counting the bunting, 30 items

I started the year off really strong, but then somehow got distracted by indecision and life, so somehow, if in 2014 I could just find that momentum again and keep going, I'll be very happy.

I had planned to use 26 pieces and I ended up using 21, however, I also had a massive clear out half way through the year where I got rid of several large bags of fabric. I pledged not to buy any until my birthday in September and, to be honest, I failed with that too, but again, I bought much less this year compared to last year and much more usable pieces. I was very proud of myself that I didn't buy any patterns or fabric at the Spotlight end of year sale, because I didn't actually need anything. I think, I much rather buy something throughout the year and then use it right away. So, although I didn't completely succeed in the stashbusting sewalong, I feel that my stash is much more under control at the beginning of 2014 then it was this time last year. Mission accomplished :-)

Hmmm ... about those UFOs ... there are still 3 left. I did work on 2 of them, they just aren't finished yet, so I might just keep plugging away throughout January with those. 

Plans, Plans, Plans, Plans, Plans

My New Years Resolution for sewing this year will be a quilt. Nothing elaborate, but I do have several packs of pre-cuts here that I should really try to use ... I have 12 months :-)

I want to keep whittling down my stash, but I don't really want to set a target, because this year my youngest starts school and that'll bring it's own challenges. Also, I will need to start looking to going back to work, so time may actually become very limited at some point this year. I do need to make some more jersey tops - t-shirts and the like, because whilst I originally thought that it's too much hard work when I can buy them at k-mart for 6 dollars a pop, k-mart changed it's design and now the neckline is too high and the t-shirts are too long.

Thank you for reading and commenting this year, good luck with all your plans and I look forward to seeing all your creation :-)