Monday, 17 March 2014

to the Max(i skirts)

I keep writing posts in my head, but never actually get around to posting them, instead I post rushed pictures of things I sewed with some waffling accompanying it :-)

Well, as part of managing the stash monster I thought I do an inventory, but realistically I am a little frightened of it, because it means facing the whole extend of my hoarding. Some self-help book that I browsed through years ago suggested breaking daunting tasks down into smaller tasks so I thought just inventory my knit fabrics ... well, I have a lot.

The inventory didn't go so well, as in I didn't actually do it (I realised I have over 20 meters of fabric there and nearly cried), but looking at the fabric was inspiring, so I whipped up - hah ... I never get to say that ... even super easy projects take me hours - 2 maxi skirts. All the Gabriola skirts around made me want to have a Maxi skirt too, but I am saving money to go to my sisters wedding in Germany, soooooooooooo ... instead of spending 16 dollars on a skirt pattern, I investigated free patterns around the interwebs.

Even though I started with blogs in the world of crafting I soon moved to sewing blogs once I started sewing simply in order to learn it better. As I entered the colourful and joyful world of the crafting blogs again, things like seam allowances, grain lines and seam finishes were a thing of the past. It is good for me to occasionally sew by the seat of my pants though, all too often I overthink each seam through to the max thus losing all joy, because my own perfectionism stops me from just getting on with it, dragging each project out for days or weeks.

Eventually I settled on the Mismatched Maxi as a starting point from iCandy. I took it in over the knee to be a bit more fitting, because I am rather short and I can easily be swamped under a lot of fabric. I absolutely love the result, not seriously, they are fabulous.

Each fabric was originally bought for something else, but as it always is, once it is in the stash I lost interest. The seagreen jersey above was actually bought as a muslin fabric really recently. The stripey fabric below has been in my stash for maybe 2 years and it was meant to be a top, but I was always worried about stripe matching, so I never made the top.

It has a yoga pants top / waistband bit, so it is really comfortable and nice to wear. The 1 meter I had just covered the skirt and recycled the waistband bit from a pair of pants that I haven't work in a long time.

Onwards and upwards ... Happy St Patrick's Day :-)


  1. Brilliant - how lovely to have such quick and versatile skirts in your wardrobe. I'm not working out how much fabric I have - scary!

  2. That skirt looks wonderful on you. And watch the stash grow over the years - I am sure that it does it quite by itself (just with a tiny bit of help perhaps).


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