Tuesday, 11 March 2014

more Lorax presents

It's Lorax time again. We love the Lorax in our house, adults and children. I made my husband some Lorax boxers last year for his birthday and this year he wanted more (how is that for a ringing endorsement) ... he even ordered the fabric (it's some organic quilting cotton available on fabric.com) when it was on special.

So ... we have a bright green version with little Loraxes all over it.

It's the same pattern from the Sew Everything Workshop book with the same modifications as before, namely lengthened the legs by 2 inches and added 1/2 inch to the waist band.

Next we have a bright orange version with the thneed factory on it.

The pocket blends in perfectly :-)

The boxers are actually really lovely and easy to sew, so it really is the perfect beginners pattern - it's the pattern Peter Lappin first sewed and look where he is now :-)

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  1. They are great - and what a compliment, to have them requested again, the best measurement of success :)


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