Thursday, 27 March 2014

sewing for children ??? yes please :-)

Every now and then I come across boggers who speak vehemently against sewing for children. It is usually from people without children, who occasionally or once have been asked or suggested or decided to sew for children of family and friends.

One of the frequent complaints seems to be 'ungratefulness' of the recipient (either child or parent thereof ), but I have to say both my children are over the moon when I sew something for them. They usually want to wear it RIGHT AWAY and tell everyone they meet that  'my mummy made it' with this wide smile. The joy I get from seeing the happiness in their little (or not so little in the case of my son) face is unmeasurable. True happiness :-)

Usually their items are simple and don't require much thought at all .... and their gratefulness is lasting. They are very reluctant to stop wearing something that I made for them. In fact, my son still wears his pyjamas I made 2 years ago, despite having seriously outgrown them. He even wanted to bring them to camp this year. In that spirit I used some of the jersey mountain to make him 2 pairs of jersey sleep shorts and one long pair.

The shorts only take about 50cms of fabric, so those 2 pieces of fabric were remnants from Spotlight at a dollar each.

The pattern itself is my self drafted shorts pattern for my son, very loose and roomy. Hopefully they'll last another 2 years :-)

The air plane jersey he picked out 2 years ago and I thought if I don't sew with it soon he'll be a teenager and just arch his eyebrow at the thought of air plane shorts/pants. Though I am only assuming this, having had no teenagers myself yet, it might well be that my kids will surprise me again.

Don't get me wrong if you spend hours upon hours creating an appliqued, multi-layered princess dress or similar, a piece of art you have poured your heart into ... I actually found an Alabama Chanin Style dress for a toddler in the Oliver &S flickr stream once ... anyway, chances are you are going to be disappointed with the thanks that you get. It is very hard for kids (and adults who don't sew) to put in the appropriate gratitude for something like this since they don't know the effort involved, but these shorts/pants are nowhere near this level :-)


  1. The shorts are great - and a total bargain! It's lovely to hear that your children are thrilled with the things you've made especially for them, I think knowing your audience is really important and making something you take pleasure in too, that way you've enjoyed the process along the way. My niece and nephew love the stuff I make for them - but then I'm fulfilling their wish list (super hero costumes for toys, a simple dress is a favouite colour etc) not sewing a project I love but picked out without involving them :)

  2. These are all so gorgeous - no wonder your children love them :). I agree with Jacq - if you try and impose your will on children, they will soon balk - but making up things they love and they will wear them. Now, not sure about teenagers...but that's a way off yet :)

  3. Hi! Just stumbled across your blog for the first time. I too am a Brizzy girl!

    The aeroplane PJs are so cute. When my 2 were littlies, they loved what I made for them too & it's so gratifying! My daughter's main request was always that the skirt be "a twirly one, please"! Keep sewing for your young ones - they'll be grown in the blink of an eye!

    Cheers, Kathy.


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