Friday, 9 November 2012

Burda splurge

In an effort to spend less on sewing (because really what I do most in regards to sewing, is buy things for it) I went to my local library to have a look and I walked away with some Burda magazines.

To be honest, I didn't expect much and 4 or the five magazines I got confirmed that quite nicely. A lot of lines, a lot of colours ... the need to take some paracetamol after looking at it for a while.

However the 06/2008, instead of just having everything on 4 sheets, they had 8 and it was much much easier.

So the last couple of weeks were spend tracing and sewing up muslins ... in short I feel like I did a lot, but have NOTHING to show for ... hmmm

However, I am finishing up the last muslin today, and then I will have things to show you, I think. Here is a little teaser :-)

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  1. With all that tracing, I can feel a tonne of sewing about to happen:)


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