Sunday, 11 November 2012

down with the UFOs

I hate UFOs, no really, absolutely loath them ... and no, I have not got an irrational hatered for aliens of any sort, but UnFinished Objects are the subject of my ire.

They are usually projects where I have to think a little. Either the instructions leave a lot to be desired for or it is particularly fiddly (or I am just Giggles Butterfinger) or I haven't got everything for it or I haven't got quite enough fabric and it requires some imaginative cutting or or or ... the list is long.

I now have 8 UFOs and my patience with them is so thin, I considered throwing them. However, after that bit of rage passed, I realised I needed to make a plan ... I love plans and lists ... yeay something positive in all this mess.

For the rest of November I, Giggles Butter ... no in the Sun, solemly swear to work on all 8 UFOs (excluded is the 5 a square scarf) as listed below.
  1. Pink Gingham Dress Butterick B4176
  2. City Scape Shorts Patterns by Figgy
  3. colourful quilt top as chosen by my sister
  4. redo hem for Tunic
  5. finish blue gray T-Shirt
  6. hair band for school craft sale
  7. christmas tea cosy for school craft sale
  8. sewing machine carrier bag
They don't all have to be finished as such, but I will have to have worked on it.

A little bit secondary to this is that I really need to start making the christmas presents (list to come shortly) and the purpose of this whole learning to sew business: the CHRISTMAS DRESS.

I have finally narrowed down the pattern for the dress and the fabric, but that'll be a post all on its own :-)

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