Wednesday, 21 November 2012

UFO #2 - the City Scape Shorts

I had it all cut out and ready to sew and then never really got going. The fabric is a quilting cotton he chose, so it was really easy to sew. However, in the end it was a struggle that I can't really explain other then I really didn't want to. It seems that I have so little time and so many things I want to do ... sigh ...

Despite all this, I am really proud of how neat they turned out on the inside.

This time I french-seamed the pockets like Megan did in her Apple Dress and it worked beautifully.


I have done this pattern before (and moaned and griped about the instructions to anyone I could find) and I wonder whether that previously negative experience had tempered my enthusiasm with this project. I tried to address some of the issues I had with the last version. I set the pockets higher, because last time he couldn't actually get into the pockets, because they started where his fingers ended - his own fault if you ask me for wearing his shorts so low that they barely cover his bottom, but apparently I am old and don't know anything about fashion ... kids these days :-)

However, looking at it now, there is too much fabric in the front and maybe lowering the waistline would improve that issue. Alternatively, I still have my self-drafted pattern which fitted him really well, but is now getting a little small. I could attempt to size that one up instead. Well, he now has enough pants, so I'll look at the issue when he outgrows all the ones he has.

Two down, six more to go, next UFO here we come :-)


  1. They are the coolest pants ever!! And I'm really glad the pockets worked out for you - it's a great tutorial isn't it!?

  2. Don't the young ones like baggy pants anyway.
    They're a cool pair.


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