Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Ariadne Tunic by Tanit-Isis

I have lost all witty inspiration for a title ... perhaps something will come to me later.

Not so long ago I bought a Jersey bed sheet for my son, but after 2 washes it had shrank to the size of a cot sheet. What better to practise Jersey sewing skills on :-)

It is a thin 4 way stretch so the Ariadne Tunic by Tanit-Isis seemed perfect. I do feel I look a little pregnant in it, but when it is hot and humid it is nice to wear something loose.

I omitted the band around the bottom, because my hips are the largest bit of me and I felt that the band would draw extra attention to that bit. I also didn't do the keyhole in the back due to personal preferences.

My jersey hemming skills need to be improved, but I have no doubt that with time that'll come. Overall I am really happy with it and I am sure I'll wear it lots this summer. Thank you Tanit-Isis for providing this lovely pattern :-)


  1. Looks great, and so comfortable! I don't think it makes you look pregnant, but I know how self-conscious I get about things in my clothes that nobody else can see!

  2. This looks very now in style.

  3. this is very nice. I have hips too, and I am glad to see this top without the band. You look far from pregnant. It has a very nice drape on you.

  4. this looks great, you did a great job on it, Im also bigger in the hips and love the idea you have of making it more flowey across that section :)

  5. Did you do any mods to the sleeves? I like how they look on you, but I worry about how they work with chubby arms....


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