Monday, 13 January 2014

UFO #6 the butterfly skirt

I decided to skip ahead a few UFOs and do the skirt that I actually needed. It's a plain A-line skirt with pockets from the Burda Magazine 02/2010. It's brilliant, no really, it's exactly what I needed. It fits great, it's simple and can be done in a variety of fabrics. I chose a Japanese cotton with a very interesting texture, one of the first pieces of fabric that I ever bought, even before I started sewing.

The texture is more visible on the back of the fabric.

I traced and muslined (is this even a word???) this skirt in a size 40 in October 2012 and then packed it in a little plastic baggy and there it stayed and stayed ... and stayed. When I got it out now it was a bit large, so made a 38 instead, but I could have perhaps gone down to a 36. It is still a little baggy around the hips - wow, being pear-shaped I never had to say that before - but it's a summer skirt, so it should probably be a little loose actually :-)

It's one of those patterns where I want to make at least another 5 right away ... hmm, maybe one with spots, and one plain one, and maybe a flowery summery one, and and and ... the possibilities are endless.

I think I might have my sewing mojo back :-)


  1. Very cute! I love how your top really brings out the blue in the skirt. And butterflies!

  2. You are really powering through that UFO list! This is my favourite so far and with that top it is a great outfit, the colours and style really suit you. No wonder you have your mojo back :)

  3. It is a very pretty skirt - a little basic like this is such a useful pattern - as you say, variations and possibilities will make a nice wardrobe of skirts - summer and winter :)


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