Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2013 - a year in review - what next?

One of my plans for 2013 was to blog more ... that was clearly an abysmal failure ... well, perhaps 2014 will be better. I am really good at making plans, but it's the follow-through that lets me down. I am a little like a magpie and get distracted by shiny things ... sigh ... anyway, more self-flagellation to come later, lets first focus on the good things.

Items sewn ... more then I thought actually ...

Son:                                   3 pairs of shorts, 1 pair of sleep shorts

Daughter:                           4 skirts, 3 dresses

Myself:                               4 dresses, 2 skirts, 2 tops, 1 nightie, 1 scarf

Husband:                            2 boxer shorts

House:                                1 pillow, bunting

Knitted / Crocheted:            1 pot holder, 1 scarf, 1 cardi, 2 cowls, 1 tunic

All together, not counting the bunting, 30 items

I started the year off really strong, but then somehow got distracted by indecision and life, so somehow, if in 2014 I could just find that momentum again and keep going, I'll be very happy.

I had planned to use 26 pieces and I ended up using 21, however, I also had a massive clear out half way through the year where I got rid of several large bags of fabric. I pledged not to buy any until my birthday in September and, to be honest, I failed with that too, but again, I bought much less this year compared to last year and much more usable pieces. I was very proud of myself that I didn't buy any patterns or fabric at the Spotlight end of year sale, because I didn't actually need anything. I think, I much rather buy something throughout the year and then use it right away. So, although I didn't completely succeed in the stashbusting sewalong, I feel that my stash is much more under control at the beginning of 2014 then it was this time last year. Mission accomplished :-)

Hmmm ... about those UFOs ... there are still 3 left. I did work on 2 of them, they just aren't finished yet, so I might just keep plugging away throughout January with those. 

Plans, Plans, Plans, Plans, Plans

My New Years Resolution for sewing this year will be a quilt. Nothing elaborate, but I do have several packs of pre-cuts here that I should really try to use ... I have 12 months :-)

I want to keep whittling down my stash, but I don't really want to set a target, because this year my youngest starts school and that'll bring it's own challenges. Also, I will need to start looking to going back to work, so time may actually become very limited at some point this year. I do need to make some more jersey tops - t-shirts and the like, because whilst I originally thought that it's too much hard work when I can buy them at k-mart for 6 dollars a pop, k-mart changed it's design and now the neckline is too high and the t-shirts are too long.

Thank you for reading and commenting this year, good luck with all your plans and I look forward to seeing all your creation :-)


  1. Happy New Year no matter what you do or where life takes you.

  2. Happy New Year Mila. You've accomplished such a lot and I think you've demonstrated very clearly that we can make plans but we have to be adaptable to find out what works for us best. x


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