Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Summer sewin' - had me a blast

I shall never ever list to Grease again (maybe) - that song just doesn't want to go away. I dreamt of it last night :-)

After something for my son I thought I make something for myself. Firstly I made another straight skirt, this time made from blue cotton sateen - another remnant that was languishing in my stash.

It is a bit more baggy then the previous versions as I lost a little weight, but I shall see whether that stays this way before changing both the pattern and the skirt.

I also experimented a bit with a T-Shirt pattern from one of my favourite (very old) T-shirts. I used the flowery interlocky material that I used for the Dolman Sleeve Top, but it is a bit tight as the material is not as stretchy as jersey.

The front looks okay, but the back seems a little tight. I shall go back to the pattern and see about the seam allowances and whether I did actually add them. On the whole I am quite pleased with it, because T-shirts and skirts are what I mostly wear. Yes, I'd like to do more difficult things like dresses and pants, but if I just get the basics right and wearable and durable then I feel I have already achieved a lot.

When taking these picture I came across something slightly odd - granny squares around a tree in the playground. I wonder what it means :-)

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  1. Cute top! I've never seen any yarnbombing around here, and I don't quite know what the point is aside from just for fun... let me know if you find out!


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