Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sewing is contagious

Whilst I muddle my way through the sewing process, my family eagerly observes. Apparently I am not doing so bad, because for my son's school costume challenge (he is 7) he decided he wanted to make himself a Jedi Robe. I thought he meant he would drape some brown fabric around himself and be done with it, but no, he meant he was going to sew it himself with my sewing machine.

So we went to Spotlight and picked up 3m of brown broadcloth (they were out of brown fleece). He them washed it and iron it. We drew his outline and he cut it very carefully.

He pinned the sides, whilst fearfully looking at the pins to see whether they were going to march up to him and prick him.

We had to get a step for the foot pedal, because his legs were too short to reach it, but otherwise he was a star. We didn't do any seam finishes, because I didn't want to make it too fiddly for him.

He did find it a lot of work, but he did like the actual sewing part, so perhaps he'll do it again in the future. Now, what to do with the left over 1.5 m brown broadcloth, because only after we purchased the fabric, he announced that he wanted a short robe rather then a long one :-)


  1. That's great that he enjoyed it, hopefully he'll continue his interest and keep helping you with your projects and do some of his own as he gets older :)

    1. I think I would just be happy if when he leaves home he can shorten his pants, sew on a button and perhaps make up some curtains :-)

  2. That's really good. Maybe he can come up with an idea to use the rest of the fabric.

  3. Hi, just letting you know I've tagged you in a blog meme! You can find the post here:


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