Monday, 28 May 2012

First UFO

It's not a big thing, it is really more of a muslin, because the fabric contains like 70% of polyester and I don't really like the feel of it. Having said that, the colour is stunning.

I started this on Mother's Day and had all but the hemming left to do. Then I thought I might just take it in a little, because it was very bulky on the back and I had been very lazy and just used the existing tube shape (apparently, my behind is not as large as I thought it was ... who knew).

Anyway, then things got busy and it was just sitting there and now it is bloody freezing here and I honestly cannot get myself to change into what is essentially a summer dress even for just a few minutes. Note to self: when husband suggests to move to hot country, do check that the houses do actually have heating for the colder months, because 12C inside a house still feels really cold (even if it is 15C outside in what would be the middle of December)

So I have packed it away and hopefully in September I'll take it out again and finish the hemming and the seams around the arm. It is putting me into a bit of a conundrum as to what to do next though. I had intended to try StephC's T-Shirt, but I think I'd rather make some flannel PJ pants for my son so he gets a good amount of wear out of them before the heat returns.

Although not quite as triumphant an ending to the M-M-M-with-a-difference as it could have been, nonetheless, this month taught me quite a bit. For example I can't really sew for the future at the moment, I can only motivate myself to sew for the here and now. Also, a month is a bit long for me to just concentrate on myself or any one person really, maybe I should start with 2 weeks next time and work my way up :-)

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  1. I know what you mean about the houses! My parents thought I was just being lame when I said how cold it was, then came to visit and found out the truth! Not much comparison between our old english farm house with 3ft thick walls and Perths thin brick and windows...


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