Sunday, 18 January 2015

Goodness me - it's already 2015

Where has the time gone ... I still have lots of things to post that I did in December, but never got around to posting ... sigh

I think I am giving myself an amnesty and just post them as I get the pictures done and uploaded :-)

I think I'll pass on the New Year's Resolutions, because I am still working on the ones from last year and this year I have even less time. I have purchased less fabric this past year then before, BUT when I did, I bought more of it. However, according to my motivator, I have sewn 31 items and used 39.5 meters of fabric, so all in all not bad. I have no UFO's this year, another improvement to previous years. I have mended 11 things from the never ending pile and done 8 refashions. There is plenty more where this came from :-)

Although I don't really want to do a hits 'n misses post, I have to point out a surprise hit New Look 6803. It has been worn countless times, it wears well, washes and dries within a couple of hours, it feels like you are not wearing anything and it is not see through ... perfect for Queensland summer ... yes, it is another 35 degree day with some 60% humidity. I wish now that I had marked down all the changes that I made to the pattern so I could easily make another one, but alas since I didn't like the dress when I was making it, there is no record ... live and learn.

I hope you all had a lovely start to the new year.

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