Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Stashbusting so far

I intended to use at least 26 pieces from my stash this year and to not buy more fabric until September. Well, I already failed on the fabric buying bit, but I am attempting to use everything I buy when I buy it (like the mermaids for example). I arrived at the number 26 by assuming that I will be able to do something every 2 weeks if I try. By that measure, I am ahead of myself with 9.5 pieces from my stash used and 2 pieces I specifically bought.

So far I have made: 

daughter: 3 skirts, 3 dresses

son: 2 shorts, 1 pillow

myself: 1 skirt

husband: 2 boxer shorts

Not too bad, however most of these pieces were quite small, so it hasn't actually made much/any impact on the chaos that is my stash. I am slowly starting to face the reality of my stash. I have been sewing for less then a year, but I think I can sew comfortably for the next 2 years without running out of fabric. The question is though 'Do I really want that?'

Part of the joy of sewing is picking out a fabric that would go with a pattern and then making it. I am still new at this. I find new fabrics and patterns all the time. As I get better at sewing, I will want to try doing more complicated projects that require fabric I haven't got.

Actually, whilst I am feeling slightly depressed and cheering myself by surfing fabric.com, I have calculated the amount of fabric used from my stash so far this year: 9.8 meters and only a few scraps left for pocket linings and such stuff. That doesn't actually sound too bad, go Giggles :-)

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  1. You are doing so good! I've only made 2 things from my stash so far this year!

    I think it's definitely ok to buy fabric you need if nothing in your stash will do the trick!


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