Sunday, 17 February 2013

also on V-Day

I made a second B4176 dress for my baby girl. It went much faster this time (not 2 month, but 2 days) and I used some cotton voile for that one. I had hoped to get it finished before the summer ends, but I think I might have missed it. Hopefully it'll still fit in September :-)

This time I made some changes though. I took about an inch out of the body, because she is just not that wide, but I also added about 2 inches in length to make it last a little longer. I also left the sleeves without the elastic as I thought it would be cooler when it is very hot.

This was the first time where I did a rolled hem. I do have a foot for this, but it didn't work as nicely - mainly because I didn't have a patience probably, so I did it manually and it worked beautifully.  Initially I only did the bottom hem, but then I went back and redid the sleeves.

I think it is a great improvement. Onwards to more birthday sewing ...


  1. I love the top photo - what a sweetie! The rolled hem looks great, certainly worth the time you took. How much fabric does the dress take? :)

  2. She looks great. You've made the right changes to the dress so that she can wear it and do what ever she wants in it. The print is stunning on her.


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