Sunday, 23 September 2012

Tangalooma knitting

we rarely go on holidays (we drive to Mackay once a year to visit my mother-in-law), but my sister is down for a visit from Vienna, sooooo ... we packed up the kids and headed out across the bay from Brisbane. 45 minutes on a boat takes you to Tangalooma on Moreton Island.

It is beautiful and the main attraction is the wild dolphin feeding that happens each night. We fed a dolphin named Tinkerbell, who had a baby with her that stayed back though. We didn't get pictures whilst we were feeding, but we did get some earlier.

Whilst on the island I started a scarf for myself (yes, I know it is spring here and it'll be months before I need it) with some yarn I picked up on the fabric-a-brac. It is a cotton/soy mix in teal and it is beautiful to work with. I rarely do knit/crochet for myself and the joy I am experiencing with this project takes my breath away.

It is a pattern I thought of myself, but I have no doubt that someone somewhere has made that into a pattern before, after all there is only a limited number of possibilities how you combine knit and purl together ;-). Anyway, it has a garter stitch frame and then alternating knit and purl squares. I am really pleased with how it all worked out and I can't wait to wear it in winter (next year). This project is teaching me that I really need to do something special for myself occasionally to remind myself why I am actually doing the work. Yes presents and things for the kids and 'cake sewing' are nice, but just sometimes it is great to do something that is nice just for me.

Have a wonderful week everyone :-)

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