Monday, 4 June 2012

Pyjama Party

I realised a few weeks ago that my son has outgrown all of his pyjama pants (well, the tops as well, but I am not quite there yet sewing wise, so I'll just see whether I can pick up some matching cotton tops), SO ... after some shopping for green fabric at and a weekend's worth of work - I know that other people can whip them up in couple of hours, but in my house it is all done in 15 min. intervals - anyway, we now have

not one,                                                                                            not two,

but three beautiful pyjama pants - why yes, he did insisted on wearing them for dinner :-)

There is room for improvement, mainly because they are 'roomy' (sorry, couldn't help myself there) on top - I used the shorts pattern I made, but cut the outside seam on the fold and didn't take out the seam allowance - and a bit long, but he wanted them longer so his feet won't go cold. Having said all that he does grow, so it's all good.

At first I thought I would follow Dana's pants tutorial again, but I had noticed that other people sewed the pants crotch seam with one pant leg inside the other one, so I thought I give that a go (in the name of  trying to learn new things etc) and it worked beautifully.

I was particularly proud of my inside seams being all neat and tidy with the overlocker foot and a zigzag stitch.

Onwards to the next project ... I am thinking of perhaps a carrier bag for my sewing machine for when I go and sew with friends ... OKAY, we mostly drink tea and chat, but some sewing is being done :-)

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  1. They are the grooviest PJs I've seen in a while! I think I might adopt myself into your family so you can make me some PJs too :P And I think your idea of just buying matching tops is a good one - I do that with my Peter Alexander PJs, because I can never find a top there that I like to go with them, so I get the awesome pants and then hit up Kmart or Target or something for a plain tshirt to go with :)


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