Friday, 15 June 2012

more procrastination - a new book

procrastination thy name is Giggles ...

I find the hardest thing about sewing is actually cutting into the fabric, which is pretty silly considering I mostly sew with remnants that are 2 dollars a metre at Spotlight. Also, they are by no means rare specimens, but, with all the trepidations I go through before actually cutting into the piece, you wouldn't know it.

In case you are wondering what brought that on, I have a piece of oilcloth - a remnant - that is barely big enough for the sewing machine carrier outer layer and I have been debating how to cut it most effectively basically since last Friday. I keep worrying that I'll cut it just too small (by like a cm or so) and then it'll all be wasted. I have made excuses saying that the hardware (eyelets for the straps) have not arrived yet so I can take my time, but in reality I have just been procrastinating over a piece of fabric that cost me a $1.20.

It's nice, but still, there is no need for the long decision making process :-)

However today was a wonderful day anyway, because I won the book DIY Couture from the very talented Karen at Did You Make That and it arrived TODAY, yeay.

The Cape inside it and the Cape pattern in the Sew Everything book are yelling at me wanting to be sewn just in time for the winter here, but I am really trying to resist it. It wouldn't get a lot of wear and I don't have any heavy fabrics.  Let's see how good I am at that sort of impulse control :-)

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