Wednesday 28 January 2015

left overs from the knit marathon

this is a bit of a collection of bit and pieces that were never big enough to warrant their own post thus got left behind a little.

It was my only UFO of the year 2014: a little night dress for my daughter, already cut out in March, but never got anywhere afterwards. It only took 2 hours and it was done. It is very similar to her birthday dress, except the front is a bit gathered.

It is lovely, especially with the gathered front. Maybe I should make some t-shirts from this pattern once she's outgrown her current size.

Now, for the past 2 years I have been trying to create my own perfect T pattern. It was based on an old worn out t-shirt and the muslin was great, but I never got around to making more. That was 2 years ago ... then ... this last year ... I got this idea 'WHAT IF ... I made it even better and make it cap sleeve and thus eliminate the need to set in sleeves ... wouldn't that be just AWESOME'. Hmm okay, except by then I couldn't remember whether I had added seam allowances to the pattern or not and the next muslin was made with a 'not as stretchy' jersey, so the result was quite tight.

Totally wearable under a jumper and a cardi, but not perfect. We are going to do more testing with this in March (after the next round of birthdays), but this is where we are now.

Finally, I thought I needed a knit mini skirt to wear with some of the more looser tops I own, so this bit of organic bamboo ribbing that feels a bit like ponte worked well. It's self-drafted, which is really a fancy way of saying I drew up a rough shape and because it stretches, it hides any imperfections that might be there.

It could be longer, looking at it critically, but it works for it's purpose and what I am really going to try this year is being less critical of myself :-)

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  1. Oh I think your skirt looks great. I like your idea of the perfect t-shirt. So hard to get especially if you aren't a tent pole. Hasn't it been hot today.... tried finishing a dress to wear tonight to go out but it is a maxi and couldn't bear the thought. Are you going to the Brisbane sewing meet up?


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