Thursday, 7 November 2013

down with the UFO's ... again

hey y'all, it's been a while ... I am still alive, but I got side tracked by things like birthday parties (yeay ... another year older), tax returns (again? I swear I just finished one of those) and a school fete.

Also, since I started sewing I have become hyper aware of my shape and weight and it definitely had an upwards trend. My doctor very tactfully pointed out to me that I had gained 6kg in winter and that it was perhaps a trend that I didn't want to continue - the pictures I took in my stripy skirt and that I didn't post, did not help at all. Having been much more overweight before I had children I definitely didn't want to go back to that, because I don't carry it well at all. So instead of doing something crafty when I had a spare moment, I went for a walk.

Now 4kg lighter and on the right path, I took a look at my sewing and I didn't like what I saw. UFO's everywhere ... just like last November actually :-)

My table of shame - each little pile a started project - I feel a little sad just looking at it.

Anyway, last November I had a similar situation and I did actually get somewhere after making a similar post, so here it goes: .... For the rest of November I, Giggles in the Sun, solemnly swear to work on all 6 UFOs as listed below.

1, the Birthday Dress - actually it is a wearable muslin for the birthday dress, but I have forgotten what fabric I actually wanted to use, so this fabric will do. Bodice is made, rest is waiting ... sigh for the last 4 weeks.

2, the Short That Were Too Small - I did them in February for my son and accidentally made them too small and I hadn't been able to face them since

3, the New Years Resolution Pullover/Tunic - it's supposed to be my first garment properly knitted from start to finish for me ... all I have left is the arms, but for some reason I keep stalling

4, the Check Mate Hollyburn Skirt - left over from the Sewalong in January, only needs the zip and hemming

5, Newlook 6803 - all cut out and patiently waiting

6, a Burda skirt (forgot the number) - desperately needed to fill a hole in my wardrobe. Pattern was traced in October 2012, muslin was made and fitted and ... and ... and ... it's been in it's little plastic baggy ever since.

I leave you with a picture of the local wildlife that came to visit us. I do love stick insects. Their wings are very beautiful when the fly, they don't bite, sting or otherwise maim you, and they are not poisonous (this is Australia, a lot of things are regardless of their beauty). My husband is trying to rescue it from the ceiling fan.


  1. Hi, you only have 6 UFOs? You would't want to see my heap! Good luck with your finishing month, I'm sure you can make progress :)

  2. Congratulations on your weight loss, and good luck with finishing those projects! Once you get started I'm sure you'll be glad you did. The fabric you chose for your birthday dress looks very fun :)


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