Monday, 19 August 2013

well ... about those plans

hmm, it seems that every time I make plans and talk about them here, something happens and it doesn't quite materialises. Case in point ... last year we went to Tangalooma 3rd week of September and it just started to warm up here in Brisbane. Last week (2nd week of August) was beautiful and on the weekend we had 27 degrees, I might be jinxing it, but I am struggling to see the late cold snap Queenslanders keep going on about.

Anyway, due to this rather warm weather (and the fact that I procrastinated as if they were having a world cup for procrastination all throughout July) the cape of course did not get finished. It's now all packed away and I shall give it another go next winter. Instead I have finally finished a skirt from my Burda Splurge last November.

The skirt was inspired by the cataloguer's green stripey skirt although I used just a cheap Spotlight drill for it. It shows a little as the colours ran, so now the white has bluish tinges to it, but it is doable and I think when this wears out I'll see about getting some better quality fabric. The pattern (Burda 06/2008 121 B Skirt) had a pleat within a pleat on the front, but that was too much fabric for me there. Also it sat on the waist without a waist band, so I lowered it and added a curved waistband for my comfort. I don't tuck my shirts in, so I wanted the pleat to be visible even when I was wearing a shirt. I am debating of taking the sides in a little, but I need to wait and wear it a couple of times, before making anymore changes. I feel that sometimes you need to let thing settle a while and then look at it with fresh eyes.

I am not a great fan on the pictures of me wearing the skirt. Of all the photos I took, this one was salvageable with some cropping, but in all others I felt like I look absolutely huge tbh. It is actually the part I dread most about blogging ... looking at pictures of myself. It doesn't help that I have had a really bad run health wise and I think my already dented self-confidence cannot take anymore. So instead I thought I show you a picture of my first buttonhole made with my vintage Singer buttonholer whom I'll introduce officially in a later post :-)

I am starting to think that I won't make my annual stashbustin' target of 26 pieces of stash this year unless something drastic happens. I should be on 16 pieces by now, but actually I have only done 12.5. I did give a considerable amount away to charity and the stash seems to be getting more controllable. Also since the clear out I have purchased a lot less fabric, because I guess I realised exactly how much I have. Well, on other news, the mending is going well and my son needs more shorts so onwards and upwards :-)


  1. Hi, I think you're doing really well with your stashbusting, all the mending you're doing should absolutely count in the total. Goodness, if I even began to tackle my mending pile I'd be proud of myself! Photos are tricky, I struggle too, but you're almost certainly your worst critic, I just see a great skirt. Hope you're feeling better and your health improves. I am sending you a virtual hug from the UK :)

  2. I don't think it matters at all that you haven't reached your self imposed goal of 26 pieces of stash. You have been working your way towards it, and that is what counts. The skirt does look lovely - and I think most of us find it hard to look at ourselves in photos - cropping is okay if you want to do that. Self confidence comes and goes, as does health. If you feel a little large, wear a darker top, perhaps navy, or a navy cardigan over your white t shirt to give you a centre line. Otherwise just smile and be yourself - that is what counts.


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