Friday, 12 July 2013

Lekala 4099 - ahoy there, mateys :-)

I am finally getting around to posting about my newest Lekala 4099. My husband has been occupying the computer lately with his desire to learn SQL.

I had originally planned for the jersey to be used for a Humming Bird top, but it is more of a cosy jersey that was asking to be made into a winter top. I had been thinking about making a long sleeved top like this for a while although as I finished it I realised that it might be a bit pirate costume like ... never mind though, everyone needs a bit of adventure in their life ... so ahoy there, me mateys. (I realised after I had taken the pictures that I had forgotten to press the shoulder seams, so ooops)

This version has a centre front seam as I couldn't fit is otherwise. I wasn't so sure about it at first, but it seems unobtrusive, so I'll see how I feel about it in a couple of weeks. I made it a little tighter then the black one, because the jersey relaxed and I need to resew that one as part of my next mending Monday maybe.

I am not very good at this taking pictures of myself business really. I am looking at my back thinking 'Why oh WHY, for goodness sake, didn't I smooth out THOSE wrinkles in the back"

Onwards to the cape ...


  1. Very nice top and a lovely colour. I'm sure you'll ge a lot of wear out of it :)

  2. Hi, the worse part of blogging is the taking photos of yourself - it seems so self obsessed. The top is lovely though - I think I would just get on and wear it while the weather is cool before putting it back on the mend it pile. I think whenever we finish something we always think we should alter/improve it - but it looks lovely. Especially for the first time around.

  3. Nice top! The sleeves are so elegant and feminine looking :)


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