Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Audrey C in Raspberry

Finally back to Stashbustin'. It's been a longer break then I intended.

This dress had been waiting to be hemmed for some time. I am still unsure of whether I should shorten it a bit more. If I would wear it mostly with tights then yes, but in reality I am most likely to wear it without, it being Queensland and all, and then I probably don't want to shorten it, cause those little dimples on my thighs don't need to be shared liberally with the world at large.

This is the Audrey C Dress from Maria Denmark. I used a bamboo knit with 4% lycra from the Bamboo Fabric Store. I was under the impression I ordered the colour red, but after I washed it it looked definitely hot pink.

I have mixed feelings about this dress ... sigh.

It promised to be such an easy dress, essentially a long t-shirt. The printout of the pattern went together very well, although I had to trace my size with a colour pen as it printed out in light grey. The neckband didn't print out correctly and no matter what I did, it refused ... the joys of technology

However, the fabric was a 4 way stretch not a 2 way as the pattern asked for. I graded out for my larger hips, but it's still a bit tight around my hip/bottom. I made the skirt more A-line and I shortened the arms a little.

This is a rather unflattering picture of my back, but it probably illustrates all my problems with the dress.

It came out a little small. Either I got the sizes wrong (always a possibility) or the fabric stretched whilst I cut is or even a combination of both. Either way, combined with my least favourite bra and a pair of tights that digs in a little, it is not particularly flattering look on me. However I have a wide belt that I could wear with the dress and thus eliminate at least one of the rolls on the back.

You can't really tell from the picture, but the patterns has 2 back darts and there my fabric choice came back to bite me. I did the darts in a straight stitch, but because it is a 4 way stretch it didn't really work. I had to shorted them and resew them in a small zigzag stitch and then I struggled getting them to lay flat.

I don't know whether I like darts in knit fabric, but since this is the first time I came across them, I am keeping an open mind. My personal preference leans towards adding a back seam and omitting the darts if I make this pattern again.

Finally, after the issue with the darts, which only became apparent once I tried the dress on, I started on the neckband ... ohhh the neckband. I screwed up the neck band REPEATEDLY, no really, this is version 4 and it's staying, I don't care that it is not laying flat.

All of the issues are issues that arose with my lack of experience, so overall I think it is a wonderful pattern. I do like the idea of knit jersey dresses, but I mostly wear separates, so I've got to see how much I'll actually end up wearing the dress and see whether I should make anymore :-)


  1. Isn't it disappointing when you try so hard. I wonder whether back darts are really needed in a knit? As you say, maybe a seam you could take in down the back. The dress does look nice with the cardigan over - that would hide the back nicely. The dress probably feels lovely to wear, being bamboo.

    Don't be too hard on yourself- every fabric and every garment is different so there are lots of learning curves.

  2. Hmmm, I'm not sure why you don't like it, because it looks pretty fantastic to me! I cannot see any problems at all. The fit looks good, and the colour will be such a cheerful and happy one to have in the winter wardrobe. I like the little neckband. I agree with SLSS above, I wouldn't have put back darts in a stretchy dress either, Instead I would have taken the allowance out at the sides, but I wouldn't worry about unpicking them either. You can't really see them in your photo here :)

  3. I take my hat off to you - I am still plucking up the courage to sew with knits. The myriad of different stretch options have me perplexed - I can't seem to find the right stretch combo in a fabric I like. So I'm sewing some stash before I buy any more fabric. For what it's worth I think it's totally wearable :)


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