Tuesday, 13 March 2012

THE PLAN to get sewin'

March:        get sorted and organised (read procrastinate) and finish stripey crochet blanket. It might be worth reading the manual of the sewing machine to figure out whether my little machine has any secret bells and whistles. (why you would need bells and whistles in sewin' is beyond me just yet, but I am willing to learn)

April:          attempt to make a pillow and duvet covers for the daughter (who has sadly inherited all boys bedlinen from the son and who'd like something pink or purple) without destroying sewing machine (i.e. learn how to sew straight and how the machine works)

May:           if the sewing machine is still in working order, attempt to make several kids shorts in plain cotton and maybe knits (but no pressure)

June:           assuming all is well, this is the month of girls dresses. It would be a good chance to practise button holes and gathering ruffles etc.

July:            should we have progressed to this stage, a congratulatory feast is in order as stage 2 of the learning to sew is about to commence (she is now gone completely around the bend as she refers to herself with the royal we and in third person). After the debauchery is done, I will attempt to sew plain A-line skirt for myself either with an elastic waist or MAYBE even a zipper.

August:        this month we should concentrate on a, seeing whether the son wants anything sewn for his birthday (you never know, he might) and b, trying to reading the pattern for the Christmas dress

September:   make a top from the top half of the Christmas dress (I found the cutest fabric and although it has different colour flowers on it and it would need to get matched and it'll be a pain, it would probably be worth it)

October:       make a version of the dress with an old white bed sheet. If it fits and doesn't look so terrible, it's would be possible to dye it :-)

November:   make dress

December:   wear dress and evaluate whether to do it all again ever

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