Wednesday, 21 November 2012

UFO #2 - the City Scape Shorts

I had it all cut out and ready to sew and then never really got going. The fabric is a quilting cotton he chose, so it was really easy to sew. However, in the end it was a struggle that I can't really explain other then I really didn't want to. It seems that I have so little time and so many things I want to do ... sigh ...

Despite all this, I am really proud of how neat they turned out on the inside.

This time I french-seamed the pockets like Megan did in her Apple Dress and it worked beautifully.


I have done this pattern before (and moaned and griped about the instructions to anyone I could find) and I wonder whether that previously negative experience had tempered my enthusiasm with this project. I tried to address some of the issues I had with the last version. I set the pockets higher, because last time he couldn't actually get into the pockets, because they started where his fingers ended - his own fault if you ask me for wearing his shorts so low that they barely cover his bottom, but apparently I am old and don't know anything about fashion ... kids these days :-)

However, looking at it now, there is too much fabric in the front and maybe lowering the waistline would improve that issue. Alternatively, I still have my self-drafted pattern which fitted him really well, but is now getting a little small. I could attempt to size that one up instead. Well, he now has enough pants, so I'll look at the issue when he outgrows all the ones he has.

Two down, six more to go, next UFO here we come :-)

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

UFO #1 - the homespun dress

Somehow gingham always reminds me of school uniforms and farms. However, when I first do a pattern for the kids I don't use the really crappy fabric that I use to make my muslins, but I use a fabric that I don't have any great attachment to ... like this pink cotton gingham. Remnant from Spotlight, easy to work with, you know, okay, just not something I would choose deliberately.

The pattern itself was okay, it is one of those little girls dresses that is really quite common. It became a UFO when I didn't have the patience to figure things out right then and there, and after a while it just laid there and I did other things. I forgot to take before pictures, but essentially I still needed to set in the sleeves, finish of the neck line and the hem.

Well, ta da ... Butterick B4176 in Pink Gingham (it is classed as very easy and it still took me ages)

I am actually very happy with it. I change the neckline (made it wider), but only because when I got to it, I couldn't for the life of me locate the instructions so I arbitrarily decided it was going to be an inch wide, so I cut a 4 in strip of the fabric on the bias and went from there. I realised when taking this picture that I had sewn the button on too high and maybe, in a few month, I find I can't live with that level of imperfection anymore, but until then I am just glad I finished the dress. I later found the instructions right beside my iron :-)

I did set some eyelet lace under the hem, because I have seen something similar in RTW dresses for little girls and I thought the dress suits it.

Overall I am really glad I finished the dress. It looks very homespun, yet my daughter loves it and whilst it is slightly on the large side, she does grow, so all is well. I'll see about making her another one after Christmas with some voile I have laying about. Onwards to the next project ... only seven more to go :-)

Sunday, 11 November 2012

down with the UFOs

I hate UFOs, no really, absolutely loath them ... and no, I have not got an irrational hatered for aliens of any sort, but UnFinished Objects are the subject of my ire.

They are usually projects where I have to think a little. Either the instructions leave a lot to be desired for or it is particularly fiddly (or I am just Giggles Butterfinger) or I haven't got everything for it or I haven't got quite enough fabric and it requires some imaginative cutting or or or ... the list is long.

I now have 8 UFOs and my patience with them is so thin, I considered throwing them. However, after that bit of rage passed, I realised I needed to make a plan ... I love plans and lists ... yeay something positive in all this mess.

For the rest of November I, Giggles Butter ... no in the Sun, solemly swear to work on all 8 UFOs (excluded is the 5 a square scarf) as listed below.
  1. Pink Gingham Dress Butterick B4176
  2. City Scape Shorts Patterns by Figgy
  3. colourful quilt top as chosen by my sister
  4. redo hem for Tunic
  5. finish blue gray T-Shirt
  6. hair band for school craft sale
  7. christmas tea cosy for school craft sale
  8. sewing machine carrier bag
They don't all have to be finished as such, but I will have to have worked on it.

A little bit secondary to this is that I really need to start making the christmas presents (list to come shortly) and the purpose of this whole learning to sew business: the CHRISTMAS DRESS.

I have finally narrowed down the pattern for the dress and the fabric, but that'll be a post all on its own :-)

Friday, 9 November 2012

Burda splurge

In an effort to spend less on sewing (because really what I do most in regards to sewing, is buy things for it) I went to my local library to have a look and I walked away with some Burda magazines.

To be honest, I didn't expect much and 4 or the five magazines I got confirmed that quite nicely. A lot of lines, a lot of colours ... the need to take some paracetamol after looking at it for a while.

However the 06/2008, instead of just having everything on 4 sheets, they had 8 and it was much much easier.

So the last couple of weeks were spend tracing and sewing up muslins ... in short I feel like I did a lot, but have NOTHING to show for ... hmmm

However, I am finishing up the last muslin today, and then I will have things to show you, I think. Here is a little teaser :-)